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Simona Fusco, international fashion model, actress, producer, entrepreneur and humanitarian, is originally from Vienna, Austria and fluently speaks, German, Italian and English. Simona originally began modeling at the young age of eight, and snagged international modeling campaign spots for both Lacoste and the United Colors of Benetton. With her natural beauty and go-getter attitude, it wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling, and at the young age of 15, Simona was approached by Oliver Stone to appear as the lead in his upcoming film, “Lolita.” While Simona’s mother objected her playing such a taboo character, she noticed her daughter’s interest in acting and promptly relocated the family to Los Angeles, California.

Today, Simona has over 20 acting credits to her name. Most notably in productions like HBO’s Entourage, Broken Lizard Production’s, Beer Fest, and the particularly popular film J.B. Rogers, The Pool Boys.Aside from her acting career, Simona has also proved herself to be a capable entrepreneur and was recently awarded with a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship for her company’s success and her lasting commitment to giving back to the community with her humanitarian work. Simona’s matchmaking company, Perfect 12 Introductions, exclusively serves the world’s most elite, including dot-com billionaires, hedge fund managers, celebrities, athletes, CEO’s and a number of members of the Forbes Fortune 500 list.

In addition to her work as a producer, actress, model and business owner, Simona works for the betterment of society alongside charity’s including, The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, The Casey Kasem Charity Foundation and The Rally for Kids with Cancer. Most recently, Simona has found herself acting as an occasional columnist for the Los Angeles based, SPLASH magazine. In her articles, Simona offers relationship advice to single parents looking for love. Successful in everything that she pursues, we’re more than excited to see what she takes on next!

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