Do You Need Some Dating Ideas

50 Unique Date Ideas 1.) Have a picnic! Dates don’t have to be reserved for night and a simple, old-fashioned picnic is much more thought-out than a restaurant. 2.) Go to a museum and take the full tour. 3.) Take a ride on a hot air balloon! 4.) Take a hike- and bring your date […]

Simona Fusco | Perfect 12 Introductions

Perfect 12 Introductions After establishing herself as a sought after model, actress more recently a producer, Simona Fusco came to the realization that she would like to have more control over her work life which eventually inspired the creation of Perfect 12 Introductions. The company, which offers matchmaking services to high-profile clients eventually went on […]

Model, Actress, Entrepreneur | Simona Fusco

     Among the many credits to Simona Fusco’s varied and successful career include super model, fitness icon, actress, humanitarian, entrepreneur and writer. Originally from Vienna, Austria, but moved to Milan, Italy at a young age, Simona is fluent in German, Italian and English. After snagging two international modeling campaign contracts with designers Lacoste and […]

Simona Fusco | Childhood Cancer Research

Procuring Funds for Childhood Cancer Research with Simona The ever beautiful and generous Simona Fusco recently dedicated her time and money to the Rally for Kids with Cancer at the swanky Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in sunny Hollywood, California. The event, which was hosted by A-list actress Eva Longoria, was unbelievably star studded, but didn’t compare […]

Simona Fusco | Founding Perfect 12 Introductions

Founding Perfect 12 Introductions When Simona founded Perfect 12 Introductions to offer the world’s elite the most professional matchmaking service to date, she knew that she was going to need the help of an experienced professional. Luckily, one of the world’s most highly regarded body language and relationship experts was working just down the street […]

Finding Your Mate for Life with Simona Fusco’s Perfect 12 Introductions

Before founding Perfect 12 Introductions, Simona Fusco exclusively managed her love and dating life with the help of an established matchmaking service. Originally pursued by a professional matchmaker at the young age of twenty, Simona’s relationship with relationships has been anything but messy. From the moment of Perfect 12 Introductions creation, Simona planned and executed […]