Model, Actress, Entrepreneur | Simona Fusco




 Among the many credits to Simona Fusco’s varied and successful career include super model, fitness icon, actress, humanitarian, entrepreneur and writer. Originally from Vienna, Austria, but moved to Milan, Italy at a young age, Simona is fluent in German, Italian and English. After snagging two international modeling campaign contracts with designers Lacoste and Benetton, it wasn’t long at all before Simona’s natural beauty caught the eye of Hollywood producers. In 1998, Simona was approached to play the lead role in controversial film, Lolita. Though Simona’s mother objected to her portraying such a taboo character, she agreed to move Simona to Los Angeles, California to further pursue an acting career. All the while, Simona’s modeling career was booming, over the course of her late teens and early twenty’s Simona came to be known internationals as a fitness role model and cover page model. Between international commercial campaigns with Bud Light and countless photo shoots and interviews with glamour and women’s fitness magazines, Simona stays quite busy. Most recently, Simona’s matchmaking company sponsored the Indy 500!

Producer & Actress

Aside from her busy acting and modeling careers, Simona is currently producing her first film. With a release date set just later this year, Simona’s production, Beverly Hills Christmas, features the story of a spoiled and materialistic girl that eventually learns that the most valuable things in life are free. On top of producing the full-length feature film, Simona will also be working as its lead actress, alongside costars including Dean Cain, Rebecca Grant, John Savage and Donna Spangler.

Perfect 12 Introductions

As if Simona’s schedule wasn’t busy enough already, she also personally manages her exclusive matchmaking company, Perfect 12 Introductions. The firm, which works with and utilizes the methods of world renowned body language and relationship expert, Dr. Lillian Glass, offers its clients the opportunity to meet their perfect mate. Personally curated and attended to by Simona, the company has proved to be extremely successful and popular among high profile and celebrity clients. So successful in fact, that Simona was presented with a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship by the now Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Eric Garcetti.


In her free time, Simona works with a number of established charity groups. Some of her preferred charitys include The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, The Casey Kasem Charity Foundation and the Rock Against Human Trafficking Foundation.