Simona Fusco Beauty Icon and International Business Entrepreneur

Simona Fusco Beauty Icon
With a number of notable film roles and television appearances already under her belt, as well as leading international modeling campaigns for fashion giants like Lacoste, Simona was ready for a new challenge, and in 2015, launched her first company, Perfect 12 Introductions. Considering the instant amount of positive feedback and press that Perfect 12 Introductions has received, you may want to check it out yourself.


Perfect 12 IntroductionsSimona Fusco Perfect 12

After co-founding Perfect 12 Introductions, an international and elite matchmaking firm based in Beverly Hills, CA, Simona was able to use the 15 years of experience that she accumulated while working with a number of established international match makers and relationship advisors. Literally, in less than a year, Simona’s client list is already bursting with notable clients including dot-com billionaires, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, hedge fund managers, CEOs of some of the most powerful companies in the world and members of the Forbes Fortune 400.


Matchmaking Aficionado | Simona Fusco

Introduced to the matchmaking world at the ripe age of 18, Simona seized the opportunity to meet, and immediately fell in love with legendary Hollywood star maker and manager, Jay Bernstein. Following Jay’s passing, Simona once again turned to a matchmaker to find love and came to the realization that she was quite proficient at matchmaking herself. Inspired, Simona took the jump and started forming Perfect 12 Introductions by teaming up with a male friend in hopes of providing her future clients with the advantage of both gender’s points of view for dating advice in general.

Continued Success…

With years of experiences as a successful actress and appearing in films like “The Pool Boys,” “Beerfest,” and Television such as “Entourage,” “Shark,” and “Crazy Girls,” Simona had already established herself as a prominent beauty icon in Hollywood and is excited to take on the challenges of international business management.