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simona fusco Beverly Hills Christmas

Simona Fusco Produces Beverly Hills Christmas

Austrian beauty and celebrated actress, Simona Fusco has most recently established herself as a producer with upcoming feature film, Beverly Hills Christmas. The film, which tells the story of a spoiled young girl turned grateful, is set to debut this Christmas. Not one to shy away from work, in addition to producing Beverly Hills Christmas, Simona will also be playing a supporting role. Placing herself alongside co-stars like Dean Cain, John Savage and fitness model Donna Spangler.

Simona’s Childhood and International Modeling Campaigns

Aside from this most recent roll in Beverly Hills Christmas, Simona has accumulated over 20 credits to her acting career. However, the majority of Simona’s fans know her for the career that launched her into international stardom at the young age of 8. As a child, Simona began modeling professionally for international modeling campaigns for Lacoste and Benetton. At the time, Simona was traveling back and forth between her native Vienna, Austria and Milan, Italy for work. After modeling continuously up to the age of 15, Simona was approached by Oliver Stone to play the lead role in his upcoming controversial film, Lolita. However, because the film was arguably of inappropriate subject matter, Simona’s mother interjected. At the same time, Simona’s mother also noticed her daughter’s sincere interest in acting professionally, and worked to move the family to Los Angeles in the pursuit of acting.

Simona Takes on Los Angeles

After moving to Los Angeles, in addition to securing several acting roles, Simona’s modeling career exploded. Today, Simona natural beauty can be found on the

covers of countless glamour, beauty and fitness magazines all over the world. She has also worked international commercials advertising campaigns for Bud Light and Go Daddy. Some of the acting roles for which Simona is known, include her appearances in HBO’s Entourage, Broken Lizard Productions, Beer Fest and the particularly popular, The Pool Boys. Between her modeling schedule, acting career and the development of her Exclusive Matchmaking Company, Perfect 12 Introductions, Simona stays quite busy. Just earlier this year, Perfect 12 Introductions sponsored the Indy 500!

Humanitarian at Heart

When Simona isn’t occupied by her busy producing, acting and modeling careers, or tending to her clients at Perfect 12 Introductions, she spends her free time procuring funds for charities. Some of Simona’s preferred charities include The Rock Against Human Trafficking Foundation, The Casey Kasem Charity Foundation and The John Wayne Cancer Society. While Simons prefers to work with causes that promote the betterment of medical care for children, she is also very passionate about helping the fight to end cancer. Simona urges, her friends, family and loved ones to lend their time and helping hands to those who need it the most.