Simona Fusco | Founding Perfect 12 Introductions

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Founding Perfect 12 Introductions

When Simona founded Perfect 12 Introductions to offer the world’s elite the most professional matchmaking service to date, she knew that she was going to need the help of an experienced professional. Luckily, one of the world’s most highly regarded body language and relationship experts was working just down the street in beautiful Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Lillian Glass, 14 time author and speech therapist assists clients of Perfect 12 Introductions while preparing for their first date. Simona and Dr. Glass work together to establish the do’s and do not’s of appropriate body language and conversation while on a first date.

Dr. Lillian Glass’ Education

Dr. Glass received her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Bradley University in Illinois. At the time, she had already caught the attention of Glamor Magazine and was featured as one of their “Top 10 College Women.” Afterwards Dr. Glass moved to Ann Harbor, Michigan where she completed her Master of Sciences degree. While studying at the University, Glass showed an interest in the communication differences between genders, an interest that works to benefit Perfect 12 Introduction’s clients today.

Speech Therapist to the Stars

At the extraordinarily young age of 24, Dr. Glass was awarded with a Bush Foundation fellowship at the same time that she received her doctorate degree from the University of Minnesota. While studying for her doctorate in Minnesota she minored in clinical genetics and majored in speech and hearing sciences. After eventually going on to complete her post doctorate in Medical Genetics at the UCLA School of Medicine, Glass went on to work as a Professor for the University of Southern California, but ultimately ended up opening up a private practice.  Dr. Glass’ Beverly Hills Private Practice went on to become so successful that she eventually began to receive requests from celebrities that were preparing for an upcoming roll. Some of Dr. Glass’ most notable clients include, Melanie Griffith, Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, Sean Connery and Dolly Parton.

Date Coaching with Perfect 12 Introductions

The date coaching services at Perfect 12 Introductions are attended to in person by Simona and utilize the successful methods of Dr. Lillian Glass. By setting the tone for the evening with advice regarding appropriate conversation and body language for a first date, Simona helps her clients make the best impression right from the start. If you’re interested in applying to become a client at Perfect 12 Introductions, visit