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After establishing herself as a sought after model, actress more recently a producer, Simona Fusco came to the realization that she would like to have more control over her work life which eventually inspired the creation of Perfect 12 Introductions. The company, which offers matchmaking services to high-profile clients eventually went on to establish itself as the most successful matchmaking services available today. With offices in scattered throughout the globe, Perfect 12 Introductions is able to serve its high-profile clients wherever they may be from, or traveling to.

Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship

In recognition of her highly successful Beverly Hills matchmaking services and philanthropy work, Simona was honored to be awarded a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship by Los Angeles Mayor Mr. Eric Garcetti. Today, Perfect 12 Introductions male client list includes celebrities, real estate developers, and hedge fund managers, members of the Forbes’ Fortune 500, physicians, attorneys and CEOs. On the other hand, many of the female clients of Fusco’s Perfect 12 Introductions were introduced to the company while working with Simona on set while acting. The success of Perfect 12 Introductions has made Simona an internationally renowned expert matchmaker. With appearances on CNN, CBS, TLC, KCAL9, FOX News and more, Simona is quickly becoming America’s go to gal for relationship advice.

Perfect 12 Introductions & Dr. Lillian Glass

Over the course of its last ten years serving the residents of Beverly Hills, CA, Perfect 12 Introductions garnered enough attention to eventually catch the eye of American author and world renowned body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass. Simona has worked in integrate the teachings of Dr. Lillian Glass into the date coaching lessons that she offers to both the male and female clients of Perfect 12 Introductions. Glass, who has also established a private practice in Beverly Hills, California operates today as a successful celebrity image consultant. With celebrated clients like Melanie Griffith, Dolly Parton, Forest Whitaker, Julio Iglesias, Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, Rob Lowe and Andy Garcia, Simona knew that Dr. Glass’ teaching methods would be perfect for her clients.

Simona Serves the Community

When Simona isn’t busy helping her elite clients find love all over the world, she spends her downtime promoting and attending charity events of all sorts. While some of her favorite charities include The Brent Shapiro Foundation and the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

Perfect 12 was founded by Simona Fusco. Simona Fusco is an internationally renown expert matchmaker and America’s most trusted and awarded adviser. As a sought after Media Expert she shares her perspective and advice on relationships and has been featured on CNN, CBS, TLC, KCAL9, FOX News, etc. Simona is frequently seen in magazines and newspapers including Robb Report, Angeleno, San Francisco, Aspen, Esquire, US Weekly, New York Post, Huffington Post, Beverly Hills Magazine, etc., and writes for national publications on relationship advice. Simona started her career as an actress and model, appearing in numerous Films and TV shows as well as gracing the covers of magazines worldwide. Throughout her cinematic career she was exposed to many of the type of executives and beautiful women that she would eventually cater to in her business. Her first experience with a matchmaker was in her early twenties when she met and eventually married legendary Starmaker and Producer Jay Bernstein. After Jay’s untimely death, Simona found love yet again through matchmaking. After her positive experiences with matchmaking, she began working with some of the world’s top relationship experts. Always pushed by her entrepreneurial spirit, she created her own elite, executive matchmaking service. Her client list quickly grew to include many of the Forbes Fortune 500, hedge fund managers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, dot-com billionaires and CEOs of some of the most prominent companies in the world. In recognition of her success, Simona was presented and honored, among other honorees, dignitaries and royalty, by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Eric Garcetti, with a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship. Simona Fusco was recognized as a Prominent Business Woman and World Renowned Entrepreneur of the year for her achievements and contributions both as a matchmaker and philanthropist.